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Grasta Petroleo S.A. Cerrito 1518, Piso 14, Capital Federal, CP 1010, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Process Refinery
Grasta Petroleo S.A. is in the process of expanding capacity that will see the plant increase production to 30,000 mt per month within three years. 
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Process Process
Grasta Petroleo S.A. is in the hydrocarbon sector and aims to improve its production processes through integrative strategies. 
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Process Current Projects
Grasta Petroleo S.A partner with REMSA in province of Salta.
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Process Future Projects
Grasta Petroleo S.A.'s future projects are aimed at increasing capacity and forming strategic partnerships with innovative corporations. 
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Company News

April 2010, Grasta Petroleo signs cooperation agreement with Remsa (Recursos Energéticos Mineros Salta) in the province of Salta to investigate future explotration and refining plants within the region.


Grasten Petróleo, SA (Grasten) was founded in 2004. Prior to its inception, worked under the name of Kilwa, S. A. (founded 1992). In 2007, consistent with the policy of privatization was commissioned by the then government in the oil and gas industry, was sold for 75% stake to an economic group of Argentina, in order to bid. Of these events were obtained scanning 31 fields (35% of the tendered areas in that year), due to the experience of one of its owners in the state oil company (YPF), Argentina Repsol today...

Grasten functions as a window for foreign investors to see business opportunities in Latin America.

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